Every Day, I Choose YOU

  Parenthood. It’s no walk in the damn park. It’s hard. Really hard. Let me be honest. It’s hard as fuck. My postpartum brain sucks too. I have struggled with postpartum depression and still am, and adjusting to our new life. One of the hardest […]

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Un-duplicate Yourself

It seems that we are in the world of “work-from-homers” or at least a growing number of people that need to supplement their income for various reasons. I’m not sure where the sell on your own makeup trend began but it probably started with Mary […]

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What the fuck? Actually there is an ‘m’ between the ‘t’ and the ‘f’. Welcome to my blog, “W.T.M.F wife•teacher•mom•fit.” I was wondering how to promote my TeachersPayTeachers store. Then I got to thinking; maybe I have a little more than just a few teacher […]

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