Real Life Parenthood Readiness Test

When my husband and I were expecting our son, every day was like standing in front of a firing squad of unwanted advice and information. One bullet that struck me was the “you’ll never be ready” bullet. Now this seven-millimeter chunk of lead is stuck […]

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Breast Milk is Good, but FED is Best

I read two books, countless articles on Pinterest, had a lactation consultant on standby for the moment I would need her, and bought two hundred dollars worth of breast pump accessories so I could have a supply once the school year started and I had […]

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5 Questions to NOT Ask a New Mom

My son is now three months old. It’s been a wild ride so far! Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t trade my son or our experience thus far for a lifetime supply of tacos (well… maybe). Alongside the endless amounts of spit-up and shit, accompanied […]

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