about me

Hi! Thanks for stopping in to learn a little bit more about me!

I live in the one square mile town of Hawthorne, Nevada with my husband and our new son. It might seem crazy to live here but we love it! Nothing beats taking a vacation from civilization in the great outdoors only minutes away!

Our son came into our lives on April 21, 2017. What a game changer! My heart has never been so full. He challenges us every day but our love only grows.

We also have two labs. Our black lab Posi and our yellow lab Romeo. Posi is getting up in years and doesn’t care about anything but food and rides. We don’t call him our dog, he’s a ‘people’. Romeo is the wild one but very loyal to me. He has eaten everything from three pairs of underwear at once to a large Valentine’s box of chocolates and everything in between.


I presently teach first grade and love “my kids”! It amazes me how much I learn from them each day.

My hobbies include music, outdoor adventures and photography.  I am also an aspiring children’s book author.

Also… I LOVE Mexican food!

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