5 Reasons Why I Am Not Wearing Makeup

5 Reasons Why I Am Not Wearing Makeup

As I was trying to get ready for work the other day, it dawned on me that there are so many days that I go without makeup. I’m sure all you women out there are on the same page! I also realized that I haven’t done a blog post in WAY too long. I could probably throw that in the same bucket that I can throw not wearing makeup into. I am a wife, teacher, and mother who has not exercised in way too long; do you think I have time for makeup everyday! Hell to the no ladies!

So in my attempt to rationalize to myself why I don’t need to look like that woman with tiger stripes on the side of her face, er, I mean the primped woman who had an extra hour to “contour” her face; I came up with my top five reasons that I don’t wear makeup.

  1. Work Before Work

Almost every morning, I have parents contacting me before 7am with questions like:

“Is there school today?” Okay, for one, why in the world would you not know if your child has school until the day of? Second, it is the middle of the week and not a holiday. Lastly, when we do have a day off of school, I send home a minimum of three physical notes and an online reminder.

“Will my son be getting an award for his report card grades?” Well, he received almost all Ds and Fs, so what do you think? His grades are his award whether they are good or not.

“Will you send the next two weeks of schoolwork home with my daughter at the end of the day? We are going to Disneyland.” Do you really think that I have all of my lesson plans and copies done for the next two weeks? I have my own life too! (Well, I try to.) So, instead of teaching the 22 kids in my class today, you want me to get all of that ready by the end of the day. By the way, why in the world are you going to Disneyland for two weeks in January! Now it’s 7 o’clock… no makeup.

  1. I Woke Up Late

Classic excuse! Snoozed too long. Went to bed too late. Stayed in bed and thought about my life. Whatever the reason I woke up late, priorities first: quick shower to wash the stinky parts and try to make it to work on time. Not a second for that mascara I’m going to inevitably sneeze onto my cheek before it dries!

  1. I Woke Up Too Early

Not my usual excuse. My son woke up a little before 5am needing to be fed. So once that was done and he was back in the crib, I had that extra cup of coffee, perused Facebook, and watched the news… until it was crunch time to get ready. Shit, another day without makeup.

  1. Damn the Man

Why do I have to wear makeup anyway? That’s right. I don’t. Whether it be the expectation that a woman must wear makeup or the assumption of the expectation based on previous eras or the media, no woman HAS to wear makeup. Damn the man who thinks otherwise.

  1. I Don’t Care

If makeup was my priority, I’d wear it every day. Obviously it’s not. I look forward to the days that I don’t work because I don’t feel the pressure to put on makeup. Since having a child, my “I-don’t-care-a-meter” has risen to high numbers. I don’t care about any opinion of how done up my face needs to be. My face is beautiful because it is mine. My heart and mind are more beautiful and won’t change if I put blush on my face.

So when, not if, you see me without makeup on, just know that I have a good reason. You can use these too, ladies!

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