Practical Teacher Gifts that Teachers Actually Want

Practical Teacher Gifts that Teachers Actually Want


Picking out a legit Christmas gift for your child’s teacher can be difficult! Let’s face it, your child’s teacher has been teaching for fifteen years and probably doesn’t truly want another child made felt ornament (although very heartfelt). Coming from a teacher – Here are practical teachers gifts that teachers actually want.

Gift cards

I have never been a fan of buying someone a gift card. It has always felt far from genuine. Then I became a teacher. We spend a LOT of our own money on teaching materials and supplies. A gift card to Target, Amazon, or TeachersPayTeachers is always accepted with gratitude! If you want to get a bit more personal and pamper your child’s teacher (after all, she still greats your hellion of a child with a smile each morning after five grueling months), get her a gift card to a movie theater or Starbucks! Hell, if you are truly grateful for all her hard work or your child really is more than a handful, get her a gift day to the spa!

Desk Supplies

Lets face it; teachers spend quite a bit of their own money on supplies. While districts are always short on funds, desk supplies purchased are generally cheap and short lasting! Aside from gift cards, supplies such as Mr. Sketch markers (yes, they smell but they are the best for posters), gel pens, Sharpies, washi tape and the like, was asked for the most. One year, I received a basket of pink. Yes, a basket of pink. Inside the pink plastic bucket (plastic baskets and tubs are enough to excite a teacher) were pink post-its, paper clips, pens, pencils, a notepad and many more desk supplies. While I am not particularly fond of pink, I was thrilled to have new supplies!

P.S. If you are going to buy pencils for a teacher, here is a tip. There is a definite difference between the pencils you find at the dollar store and the wonderful pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils!

 Personal gifts

One of the best Christmas gifts I have received as a teacher was a case of applesauce pouches. I was pregnant last school year and one of my student’s parents noticed me always having one for a snack. Needless to say, they were devoured! Teachers love personal gifts. A personalized ornament is always a keeper, but how about a personalized coffee mug or lanyard? One year, I had a parent deliver a six pack of my favorite beer! (Off campus of course!) What does your child’s teacher like? Does she have a Keurig in her room? You could get her a package of her favorite K-cups. Does she like to garden? Get her some new garden supplies so she is ready to go once Spring finally arrives. A personal gift shows interest in the teacher as a person and is always well received.

Still not sure what to get your child’s teacher? A simple “Thank you for all you do for my son” will suffice. We don’t get told enough!

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