Un-duplicate Yourself

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It seems that we are in the world of “work-from-homers” or at least a growing number of people that need to supplement their income for various reasons. I’m not sure where the sell on your own makeup trend began but it probably started with Mary Kay. Then we had Avon, and now we have Younique. Now, my intention of this post is not to bash those who are working to help their family out by bringing income into their home by selling beauty products, but to share my opinion on this fast growing makeup mania fad.

I wear makeup. I wear makeup to work and on the not often enough occasion that I go out with the girls or my hunky husband. I don’t particularly mind a light amount of makeup but I LOATHE taking it off at the end of the day when all I want is to use the last bit of energy I have to crawl into bed and cuddle with my husband if he’s lucky.

I see women who wear a shit ton of makeup every single day. Every time I see this, I think to myself, “My word! She must have woken up at four in the morning to put on that disguise!” My next thought is generally that she is probably an ugly person on the inside. Yes, I know that just because a person wears a half-inch of dried cream on their face doesn’t mean that their soul is as black as their eyeliner.

Girls wear makeup for many reasons. The one I hear the most is to accentuate their existing beauty and enhance their features. That’s all fine and good in my book; but the girls that change, alter, erase and add superfluous “beauty” to their face is where I draw the line.

If you wear that much makeup in search of a mate what do you think is going to happen? You go to a bar and pick up a cutie. You date for a little and one morning wake up in bed. Do you really think someone wants to roll over and see that they just slept with someone who previously had a different face? Yeah, I don’t think so.

Another reason a person may wear that much makeup is so boost their confidence. Honey, let me tell you this. No amount of makeup is going to help you solve the problems of your past. You’ll just need a little bit more makeup remover once your issues finally sneak up on you and bite you in your bronzed and highlighted ass.

Wearing makeup, as a hobby is something I do understand. That’s more like an art. I still don’t think daily makeup should surpass the Broadway stage makeup of the cast of Cats.

More and more women are going through an extensive morning routine adding to the expectation that women are supposed to look like this. What idea are we putting into the heads of potential spouses? That we are always going to look like this, that if someone doesn’t meet these standards you shouldn’t give them your time? What about the pressure we are placing on our young ones regarding physical appearance?

The biggest irritant is the frequent “before” and “after” makeup photos. I absolutely hate these. The intent of these photos is to show people how great their makeup is and how beautiful they look. Each time I see these photos, all I can think is that these women are saying, “Look how ugly I used to look and how gorgeous I am now.” It drives me completely bonkers!

So, here is my before and after photo.

un-duplicate yourself before and after makeup photo

I don’t believe that you can set yourself apart from another woman by painting your face “beautiful” each day. You are only duplicating the face of all the other women trying to make themselves look exceptional. I receive more compliments from my husband when I skip the makeup. He always tell me, “This is the face that I fell in love with.”

Ladies! Un-duplicate yourself! Say hello to the real you and embrace your natural one-of-a-kind born beauty.

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