Ear Piercing for Vanity’s Sake

Ear Piercing for Vanity's Sake

I was up in the middle of the night feeding my son and was reading posts on a mommy group on Facebook. A parent had stated that she wanted to get her son’s ears pierced on his first birthday. The responses that were made were all over the place. Some simply stayed within the lines of the responses I relayed above. There was one that stood out to me though. She said that since he is a boy that the parent should wait and let him decide. So if the parent had a girl it wouldn’t matter?

My mother had my ears pierced when I was three months old. I have never not wanted them pierced. In fact, I now have a total of seven piercings in my ears and love them.

When my husband and I learned we were expecting a child, we began to have such conversations regarding circumcision, ear piercing and like topics. Before we knew that we were having a son, we decided that if we had a daughter, we would not pierce her ears unless she wanted them pierced, as it is her body and her choice.

Why do parents have their daughters ears pierced? It has to be a stereotypical tradition. I asked the following question on my Facebook Blog Page, “Why did you get your child’s ears pierced & how old were they?” I also posted it on my personal Facebook page; I’m glad that I did as all the comments were on that page and not my blog page. The responses I received varied. Surprising to me, most of them had their daughter or son’s ears pierced between the ages of four and twelve stating that they wanted their child to choose on their own to have their ears pierced.

While I do agree with this, what four-year old can make such a decision? If my child asks at this age, I would say yes though too, so I guess that negates the following. The whole idea of waiting until a child wants their ears pierced to have them done is reasoned that the parent doesn’t want to inflict undue pain on their child and that it is their own body. While I understand that, a young child can’t reasonably make such a decision with actual logic.

There are parents who had their child’s ears pierced when they were babies. Their reasoning is that the baby doesn’t remember the pain and is young enough that they won’t mess with the ear piercings while they are healing. Most little ones like their “pretties” in their ears.

This made me ask a second question. “How many of you had your own ears pierced as a young child and ended up not wanting them later in life?” Of the responses I received, most ended up getting more piercings and a few stated that they didn’t like how the piercings lined up as their ears grew. A lot of parents say that if their child doesn’t like their ears pierced, they can always take the earrings out, but this doesn’t mean that they will close, and most of the time they can’t be redone.

So why pierce your child’s ears? The only reason I can come up with is for vanity’s sake. No, I am not going to stop wearing my “pretties” because I like them, but I am not going to pierce my child’s ears until she/he wants to; and I know that if and when my child wants to get his/her ears pierced it will be for vanity’s sake… at least it won’t be for a stereotypical tradition.

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