Santa isn’t real! Your parents are liars.

Santa isn't real

My childhood was absent of Christmas, birthdays, the tooth fairy, Halloween, and many other holiday and fun traditions. While I am not here to argue for or against these celebrations, I will say that I was the kid in school telling my classmates that Santa wasn’t real and their parents were liars.

I am no longer part of that religion. For my first Christmas, I went all out and this has continued throughout the years. I have a Christmas shower curtain for shit’s sake.

Now I have a child of my own. He will be eight months old this Christmas. I know that he will not know what is going on or even remember it when he grows up; but we are starting the Christmas tradition. I can’t wait until my son is older and I can run down the hall, jump on his bed and yell in excitement, “Santa came!” and see his reaction when he sees the presents under the tree and the missing cookies and milk.

I also don’t believe that I am “raising a child.” I am raising an adult. My end goal is a contributing member of society; with a good head on his shoulders, and of course qualities such as honesty. So I have a debate… lie to my child and tell him that Santa is real or take away the childhood fun and tell him the truth.

When I explain my debate to others they often look at me like a crazy person. Luckily, my husband understands my point of view. My husband has celebrated Christmas his whole life. He told me that the belief in Santa just sort of fizzles away as you get older and you don’t realize that you have been deceived.

That wasn’t enough for me…

After thinking about this for a while I have finally come to a conclusion. I am raising a free thinker. I am not going to tell my child what to believe but make him aware of the traditions as well as the facts. You may think I am nuts, or maybe even a modern day hippie, or part of the “everyone is a winner” fad, but I’m not. I am a realist… and the reality is this…

Santa is fun, but I am not a liar. A mom must be fun but raise an adult to think for oneself based on truth. So yes, we will set out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve. Dad will put snowy footprints on the roof, and presents will be under the tree. However, if at three years old my son asks me if Santa is real, I will ask him what he thinks and help him figure it out.

  1. Adrianna

    August 21, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    You’re such an awesome Mom. I love your posts.❤️

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