12 Dates for the Year

12 Dates for the Year

As my now husband and I’s anniversary in July of 2015 was approaching I was looking for an awesome DIY gift for him. After perusing Pinterest for quite some time, I decided that I would make date night cards, one for each month for the next year.

It was actually quite difficult to choose date night activities that would fit our personalities and wasn’t simply dinner and a movie. I found many different lists on the web and pieced them together to create a fun and memorable gift.

I have included a printable version of our date nights for you to download FREE at the bottom of the page!

I decorated each envelope to hold index cards with the date night activity written on them.

I also decorated each index card.

date night envelopes and cards

I found a tin box at the dollar store to hold the sealed envelopes and made a paper pocked on the lid to hold a special note for him.

Date Night Box

On our anniversary I gave him the box. I was very proud of this gift and was very excited for each date night for the next year. He absolutely loved it!

For our anniversary trip, we went out to our great Nevadan desert to enjoy each other and the great outdoors. After a fun filled day, a hill full of bees, and beautiful landscape after another, my husband proposed! It was definitely one of the best days of my life. We set our wedding date for June, which so happened to be the twelfth month of our year of date night cards. So each month of our engagement we were able to enjoy a fun preplanned date.

I said yes!

Each month we would pick a night and he would open that month’s envelope with excitement! I enjoyed them all but my favorites were the Kool-Aid water fight, building our own kite, taking our own glamour shots, creating and sharing our bucket lists, and stargazing in the mountains.


The Kool-Aid water fight was our first date night. We wore cheap white t-shirts and filled water bottles with Kool-Aid, and set the water bottles at a midpoint in our yard. We screamed and laughed the whole time! I did have to spray the siding on the house off the next day to get the color off the house!

kool-aid fight


We had a lot of fun decorating our kite together. My husband ran up and down our street using many “techniques” to get our kite to fly. Although it never flew, it was quite humorous to watching him try!

May Date Night - Build Your Own Kite


Oh the glamour shots… so fun! We went to the dollar store and picked out a few accessories. These are my favorites!

glamour shots


We made Oreo milkshakes for our April date night and enjoyed them while creating our bucket lists. The milkshakes were amazing! Get the recipe here! It was very quiet between us as we created our bucket lists but it was nice to take the time to think and write down the things we really want to do in life; the fun and the serious stuff. It was also interesting to share our lists with each other. We have ours framed in our living room so that we see our lists every day.

Bucket Lists - His & Hers


We had our June date night on our honeymoon in Jackson, Wyoming stargazing in the mountains with an astronomer. Although it wasn’t an intimate date due to it being a small tour van, it was pretty amazing to see the rings of Saturn. I even happened to be looking through the telescope as a shooting star passed through the field of vision! The family that was with us was interesting to say the least… “What’s the deal with those globular clusters?” If you could hear his voice you’d be laughing too!

June Date Night - Stargazing in the Mountains


I am so glad that my husband and I shared these fun dates and made such wonderful memories. We will definitely be doing this again!

I have included a printable version of our date nights for you to download FREE! ENJOY!

12 FREE Date Night Cards

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